Oh. So. Fruity.

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iFruitcake Wheel


iFruitcake Brick


Round or square. Perky or saggy. Iced or plain. Perennially underrated but never forgotten. Sweet, sweet sugar. Glorious white flour. Chewy & crunchy nuts. And, of course, dried fruit. iFruitcake has it all. Just ask anyone born before 1967.


A reason for living

You might be feeling down or depressed about your dead-end job, failed marriage or ungrateful children. It happened to me. But the moment someone gifts you a fruitcake, everything changes. Well, nothing really changes but at least you have a fruitcake in your kitchen.

Lane T.

Baked & Boozy.

When a fruitcake is made with alcohol, it can last for a long time. Like a really long time. A 106-year-old fruitcake was recently discovered and it was almost edible.

Thanks to Duft Watterson we've seen a 10,000% increase in fruitcake sales YOY. We're at 11 total sales and only see this hockey stick growth continuing throughout busy season.

Mike Michaels, Traditional Fruitcake Bakers of America

Language of Love.

Keks in Bulgaria. Pan de Pascua in Chile. Panforte in Italy. Wherever you go in the world, there’s a fruitcake not too far off in the distance. If you see an attractive human and you want to get it on, nothing brings that possibility closer to reality than the gift of a fruitcake.

Looking to advertise your fruitcake, new brand of cheese whiz, corn dog food truck or double-sided tape?